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Devil's Den Bullies and Pit Bulls. Breedings

Sorry too busy for fancy breeding banners at the moment so here is the scoop upcoming breeding's for end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 are as follows

  1. RANGER X RED BETTY   -Standard

  2. HAVOC X TRUMPET   -Standard 

  3. RANGER X VIOLET   -xl

  4. KANO X CLEO   -xl

  5. APOLLO X FLOTUS   - Classic/standard

  6. RANGER X MEDUSA      -Standard/xl

  7. RANGER X BIG LOLOA        - xxl


And there you have it, we are only taking $500 nonrefundable deposits on Second and third picks, That means 2 deposits on males and 2 deposits on females for each breeding.. That’s what’s open to the public. No buy outs on first picks off any breeding posted for any amount of money don’t even ask, we are not taking any more deposits on violet and Ranger at this time , the rest are all open Today’s date is 10/22/19 discount prices on available puppies for all breeding's to anyone that leaves a deposit early is 2500 and 3000 ... prices after birth for anyone without a deposit are the Normal prices of 3500 and 4000.

We do not sell dogs through text messages or emails, you must call us,

First time calling and before a deposit is made we keep it short and simple over the phone , down to one call because your time is important and so is ours, Once a deposit is left you get stored in our phone and we are available to you for a conversation and any and all questions as well as updates at anytime during the day.

We don’t mind working with people making payments or holding puppies a little bit longer but all prices are firm. If you don’t trust us or believe in what we are doing then please find someone you do, never buy a dog from someone you don’t. What you expect from us is to get A guaranteed pure bred puppy with Registration papers and an up to date health record and who looks like the dogs on this website and is a fine example of our many years of hard work. What we expect from you is to be a good person, follow all your local laws when owning one of our dogs , treat your dog as part of your family and do not waist our time ... thank you

1-718 840 8844